Translation and Interpreting Services

Telephone Interpreting

Telephone interpreting is now a vital service for many companies and professionals around the world. 2- to 5-way conference calls can normally be set up anywhere in around a minute.

Does your organisation need a personalised service? We can set up dedicated ‘language hotlines’, which connect non-English-speakers directly to an interpreter who speaks their language.

Are you a new user? Call us on 0800 731 7878 to set up an account. This will take only a few minutes and is completely free – we have no set-up fees or subscription charges. You will have instant access to all interpreting and translation services that we offer.

Not sure of the language you need? We will be able to help you find out. If your client is with you, try using our language id card.

Face to Face Interpreting

Face to face interpreting

Do you need consecutive interpreting, simultaneous interpreting or chuchotage?

Consecutive interpreting. Is where the speaker pauses after each sentence to give the interpreter chance to relay the information into another language. Often the interpreter will take notes so that they can recall information.

Simultaneous interpreting. Is usually described as conference interpreting where the linguist works from a soundproof booth with a headset and microphone interpreting into their mother tongue at the same time as the person presenting the conference is speaking.

Chuchotage (Whispered) Is very much like simultaneous but without the equipment. It is literally the interpreter whispering to one or two people.

Translation Services


The translation of written material, such as leaflets, technical manuals, posters, letters, reports and web sites, is a key component of many ‘organisations’ communications strategies. Translated documents are typically provided via e-mail in Microsoft Word or Adobe Acrobat format.

Send your document to us by secure e-mail, secure upload, fax or post, stating the language and format you require. For example, you may choose to have the completed translation e-mailed to you as a Word or Acrobat document or hard copy. We can also return your translated material in most other formats.

When sending documents by post for translation, if possible, please send copies and not originals. (At the end of an assignment, we will return all original documents and artwork by standard first-class post unless otherwise agreed.)

Once we have discussed your requirements we will e-mail you a quotation for the translation, together with a project go-ahead form.

Video remote Interpreting V-Link24

video remote interpreting

Some situations require the flexibility of a face-to-face British Sign Language (BSL) interpreter, but there are often long lead times to obtain their services.

When such a situation arises at short notice, staff and the Deaf customer can use our On-Line BSL Video Interpreting Service. This service enables you to make a video call to a fully qualified BSL interpreter using a standard webcam or a mobile device with an inbuilt camera.

No specialist equipment is needed and a BSL interpreter can be available in minutes.

Talkback 24/7

Talkback 247

Talkback 24/7 is a unique telephone interpreting service that allows businesses to communicate with the world, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Whether you require multilingual hotlines or a managed out of office hours solution, Language is Everything has a range of interpreting packages to suit your business.

Multilingual hotlines enable your clients to contact you, in any language, anywhere in the world.  The service can be used for a whole range of support solutions, for example, technical support, order placement and general enquiries.

You will be allocated dedicated telephone numbers, each of which corresponds to a target language. When your client uses the service they will be immediately connected to a professional interpreter. For more information about this service call us on 0800 731 7878

British Sign Language

British Sign Language

Within Britain the most common form of Sign Language is called British Sign Language, (BSL). BSL is the preferred language of over 70,000 people within the UK.

All our Sign Language Interpreters are highly qualified and members of the National Register of Communication Professionals (NRCPD) This status allows an interpreter to work in all settings.

The Equality Act 2010 states, it is a requirement that organisations have a duty to put ‘reasonable adjustments in practice’ to enable deaf or hard of hearing individuals to access their services.

Dual handset telephones

We can also provide dedicated dual handset specialist telephones pre-programmed with a direct link to us.

This provides greater privacy by not having to use the loudspeaker. Also, both you and your client are able to control the handset volume independently. A great feature for the hard of hearing.

To discover more call us on 0800 731 7878.

Industries and sectors we work with

We also provide the following translation and interpreting services

Voice-over recording

Recording the spoken word requires a slightly different approach to recording vocals, and intelligibility takes over from musicality as the prime consideration.

Our experience gained from recording voice-over for the driving theory test into 16 languages, demonstrates the level of expertise we have in this field. Using a studio and professional voice-over artists we can produce voiceovers in English and other languages for films, presentations or any printed material.

Audio transcription

We offer a full transcription service for most media files, even cassette tapes. We can provide a full transcription and professional translation service or simply a transcription checking service.