The University of Hull was founded in 1927, and was given University status in 1954. The University has made a name for itself with its scientific contributions to the creation of Liquid Crystal technology, as well as a local employer, and for its world renowned Business School. Philip Larkin was famously the University’s librarian. Notable Business School alumni include Muhtar Kent, former CEO of Coca-Cola, and Jeremy Darroch, current CEO of Sky. Language is Everything works with the University to translate documents to be distributed to their clients and business partners.

The Challenge

The University required a contract with one of their Chinese partners translating into Mandarin prior it being sent over for approval. The document was nearly 15,000 words in length and contained detailed technical and legal terminology. With all translation projects we undertake, the importance of translating the document exactly is imperative, but we had to take extra care on this project to ensure that nothing was missed.

The Solution

We first calculated the word-count of the document, and emailed a quote for both our translation and proof-reading services within an hour of receiving the query.

On average, our translators can translate 4,000 words a day. To ensure we gave the translator sufficient time to work through the particular complexities of this document, we provided an estimated turn-around time for completing the translation of between 10 and 14 working days. The University agreed to go ahead with the translation, so we selected a translator from our extensive database who has had experience in translating documents of this type before.

The translator returned the completed translation to us 6 days after the University gave us the go-ahead for the project. Our translations team scanned the document to make sure there were no obvious errors, and we emailed it back to our contact at the University, along with our certificate of authenticity. Our contact confirmed receipt of the document, which we were able to send back a week earlier than expected.

The Results

The materials serve as part of a wider conversation between the University and their international partners, and Language is Everything’s Translation Team were able to assist in removing the language barriers, allowing clear communication between all parties. Get in touch today for more information about our efficient, high-quality and timely translation services.

It’s always nice to get feedback, so we asked Sarah Kelly, Academic Partnerships Officer and our main contact at the University for her thoughts on our service. ‘I have worked with Language is Everything for a number of years in various roles across the University. I have always been impressed with the friendliness, reliability and professionalism of the team and I would personally recommend their services’.

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