Chelsea Lloyd Reece

We’re halfway through this year’s National Apprenticeship Week, the 13th edition of the annual celebration of all things Apprentice. They’ve always been an important part of our recruitment, so we wanted to celebrate all our current and former Apprentices. We give our Apprentices the same opportunities as other employees, and have tried to create a culture of promoting internally to ensure that we’ve done everything we can to support their development.

In preparation, I sat down with our current Apprentices to ask about their experiences on the course so far. I also sat down with the members of our Management team who started with the company as Apprentices. This was to try and get some insight on how our support of Apprentices has developed over the years, to try and create a story of Apprentices Past, Present (and hopefully, Future).


Starting with the tale of Apprenticeships Past, several members of our senior management team originally started on Apprenticeships. Chelsea is currently our Finance Manager, but she originally started on an Apprenticeship before being hired in a permanent capacity. In the last 11 years, Chelsea has held many different roles but has always been vital to the team. She describes Apprenticeships as ‘very important’ to small businesses, and as ‘a vital part’ of any business’ recruitment process.

Chelsea has worked with many of the Apprentices who have completed their courses with us over the years, and she describes that Language is Everything ‘always support the Apprentice throughout their course.’ She’s also been able to witness our commitment to recruiting Apprentices over the years. As long as they’ve shown a willingness to learn and work hard, we have never had an Apprentice complete their course with us and not be offered a full time position. Chelsea benefits from the continued dedication to our Apprentices, as it gives her a chance to give something back to the scheme which has helped put her in the position she’s in today.


Reece is our Translations Manager, and just like Chelsea, he started with us on an Apprenticeship. An important part of the Apprenticeship training to him, is that it covers a broader range of training than we can provide. He stated that Apprenticeships are important to small businesses, and are a vital part of any business’ recruitment process. ‘We provide Apprentices with extensive support throughout their time on the course. As many staff members, including some of the management team, also started their careers through an Apprenticeship scheme and others even enrolling in higher level courses, they are always happy to support the Apprentices in any way they can.’ Reece describes the biggest benefit to employing Apprentices as giving them the chance to develop real world skills, especially with the incentive of ‘earning while they learn’. Apprenticeships can be beneficial to anyone wanting to develop skills at any age.


The last of our Apprentice’s Past is our Service Excellence Manager Lloyd. When Lloyd started with Language is Everything, he was already on an Apprenticeship course. We allowed him to complete the course as a Language is Everything employee, and he has progressed through the business to become Service Excellence Manager. He’s a key part in the chain of communication between the Apprentices and the course providers, and he has a clear idea of each Apprentice’s individual course requirements. He has also seen the Apprentices demonstrate time management skills they have picked up from their course. ‘I believe this helps staff identify the level of importance of a task, allocate themselves time to complete the task and ensure it is completed before the deadline.’ Apprenticeships are very important to a business like ours and are a vital part of any business’ recruitment process.

Lloyd is another member of our team who has been able to observe the development of Language is Everything’s commitment to the development of Apprentices: ‘Language is Everything will only take on an Apprentice with the view to recruiting them on a permanent basis. We will also support them with any further training & development they wish to undertake. I asked Lloyd what the biggest benefit (in his opinion) of employing Apprentices is. ‘I believe that all Apprentices come with the attitude of wanting to learn and this is regularly transferred to their attitude towards work. This means the Apprentices are focussed and are willing to work hard, not only to complete their qualification but to make an impact and be successful with the business.’

As you can hopefully see, we’ve been committed to our Apprentices for many years. In case that wasn’t clear enough, here are a couple of final thoughts from Lloyd and Reece. Lloyd ‘feels the Apprenticeship scheme works really well and plays a crucial role to our business and will for years to come.’ Reece says ‘The members of our team who have completed Apprenticeships are in a position to provide support to our current Apprentices. Whilst the details of their courses will differ, the experience of balancing full-time work with the Apprenticeship course provides reassurance to our current Apprentices about the best ways to balance their time.’

Thank you for taking the time to read this. Join us next time where we’ll be celebrating our Apprentices Present and Future.