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Destination Sao Paulo, Moscow and back to Brazil as World Trade Centre forges new links

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World Trade Centre Hull & Humber, now nearing its first anniversary as a private sector organisation, is strengthening global links.
The centre was represented at the recent annual general assembly of the World Trade Centers Association in Sao Paulo, Brazil, and plans to be at the 2012 annual gathering, in Moscow, with a Humber business delegation.
Hannah Brigham, head of international business for Language is Everything, one of WTC Hull & Humber’s official business partners, attended the four-day event with 300 business leaders from 100 countries.
“This was our first chance to be at the assembly,” she said. “It will help us in developing our plans to make the most of being part of an organisation that links the world and can bring many economic benefits.
“The event was not just about Brazil, it took a wide view of South America, with Argentina, Colombia and Peru also being mentioned among the growing economies.”
She also picked up ideas from the World Trade Centre at San Diego, California, which acts as a mentor for other US trade centres.
The focus now switches to Russia, which Miss Brigham visits this month to plan for the 2012 assembly being held next autumn. The party, which includes her colleague, Mica Vine, will seek possible matches between businesses and meet staff at Moscow’s World Trade Centre.
“The 2012 assembly will be of special interest for the oil, gas and renewables sectors,” said Ms Brigham. “It will also be another chance to highlights the Humber’s credentials as a place for inward investment.”
She leaves on a jet place again on a return visit to Brazil on November 27 with a UK Trade & Investment trade mission to Sao Paulo and Recife.
 “Quite understandably, firms can be a little reluctant about trading in faraway places like Brazil because of the expense of targeting some markets but, with UKTI, we will do everything we can in terms of support, and at the end of the line there can be substantial amounts of business.”


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