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What We Do

We offer a large number of services including all of the following.
Telephone Interpreting
Telephone interpreting is now a vital service for many companies and professionals around the world. 2- to 5-way conference calls can normally be set up anywhere in less than a minute.
Does your organisation need a personalised service? We can set up dedicated ‘language hotlines’, which connect non-English-speakers directly to an interpreter who speaks their language
Face To Face Interpreting
Whether in person or by video conference, small or one-on-one meetings normally use ‘consecutive interpreting’, where the speakers pause often to allow the interpreter to convey the message. For larger conferences we can provide ‘simultaneous interpreting’, which involves microphones and earpieces, and is carried out from a booth.
If you are a first-time user, call us on 0800 731 7878 to create an account - we do not charge any account set up or subscription fees.
Translation Services
The translation of written material, such as leaflets, technical manuals, posters, letters, reports and web sites, is a key component of many 'organisations’ communications strategies. Translated documents are typically provided via e-mail in Microsoft Word or Adobe Acrobat format. We can also make translations available for direct download to your Kindle device in most languages.
Send us your document by e-mail, fax or post, tell us the target language/s, and let us know any other requirements you may have.
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Company info
We are an award-winning, UK-based interpreting and translation agency. We have a 21-year track record of delivering face to face interpreting, telephone interpreting and translation services across the UK.

"Language is Everything have recently provided us with an excellent translation service which has allowed us to enter the Japanese market with confidence and credibility"
Colin Smith, Export Industrial Sales Manager, CPL Products
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phone 01482 971600 print 01482 971601 place 65 Castle Street, Hull, HU1 1SD email